Shipping and Reporting During the Holiday Season

Shipping and Reporting During the Holiday Season

Placing Orders / Shipments

We recommend refrigerated products are kept outside of refrigeration for no more than 2 calendar days while being shipped to the customer.

Because of this, orders that contain refrigerated product can have their shipping dates delayed to avoid holidays and weekends.  See the table below.  This table shows the expected ship and receipt dates based on when the order is received:


Order Received (by 2pm PST) Customer Shipping Priority Ship Date Received
Monday, Dec 20 Overnight Monday, Dec 20 Tuesday, Dec 21
2nd Day Monday, Dec 20 Wednesday, Dec 22
Tuesday, Dec 21 Overnight Tuesday, Dec 21 Wednesday, Dec 22
2nd Day Tuesday, Dec 21 Thursday, Dec 23
Wednesday-Friday, Dec 22-24  (Assay is closed on these days) Overnight Monday, Dec 27 Tuesday, Dec 28
2nd Day Monday, Dec 27 Wednesday, Dec 29
Monday, Dec 27  –  Wednesday, Dec 29 Overnight Normal Normal
2nd Day Normal Normal
Thursday, Dec 30 Overnight Thursday, Dec 30 Friday, Dec 31
2nd Day Monday, Jan 3 Wednesday, Jan 5
Friday Dec 31   (Assay is closed on this day) Overnight Monday, Jan 3 Tuesday, Jan 4
2nd Day Monday, Jan 3 Wednesday, Jan 5
Monday, Jan 3 Overnight Normal Normal
2nd Day Normal Normal

Orders that contain only non-refrigerated items will be shipped as normal, unless they are received on an Assay Technology holiday, in which case they will be shipped on our next business day.

Here is a list of our products and whether they need to be refrigerated during storage or not.

Returning badges to the lab for analysis

Once a badge has been used, the storage requirements change. Only the 595 badge (Super Glue) needs to be returned refrigerated.  However, since some analytical methods have shorter holding times, please plan your sampling events ahead so no holding times are exceeded.  For more information about holding times, see our General Shipping Requirements.

All carriers will be notified to not deliver packages on Assay Technology Holidays. They will store them until we return.


Report due dates will be extended because of the holidays.  For example, a standard 6-day TAT project received December 21st isn’t due until January 4th.  The expected completion date will be on the confirmation of receipt, sent shortly after receipt of samples.

Happy Holidays

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