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Employment Opportunities at Assay Technology

Currently Seeking a Marketing Consultant

About the Company
Assay Technology is a stable, private, employee-owned company headquartered in
Livermore, CA, that manufactures personal air samplers for employers who desire to monitor exposures to chemicals in workers’ personal breathing zones. The Company also provides the service of analyzing the contents of personal samplers, lab evaluation of gas masks, and manufactures instruments used in gas mask evaluation.

Our Objective/Goal
Assay Technology has become a world leader in a niche market but is otherwise obscure. Through digital publicity and marketing, our goal is to expand our visibility and acquire new customers, specifically, within the worldwide professions that deal with employee safety related to chemical exposure in the workplace.

This role will be on a temporary/contract basis, fully remote with weekly management web meetings. This is an ongoing project assignment and can be renewed with demonstrated results.

Our Need
A marketing expert who can:

  • Quickly understand the niche industry that we encompass and to develop plans to increase our visibility and reach within the US and overseas.
  • Develop strategies to further strengthen our existing ties with current clients.
  • Create the spectrum of print/digital ads; craft targeted messages; develop BLOGS; create web content.


  • 5+ years experience in marketing/advertising in industrial hygiene/healthcare or related industries.
  • Strong verbal, written communication skills.
  • Experience with Adobe and other design/graphic apps a must.
  • Proven ability to manage projects to completion with achieved results.
  • Independently motivated to complete tasks with a strong detail-orientation.

Please submit resumes to: kchen@assaytech.com


Our History

Assay Technology had its origin in 1981 in a small garage lab in Silicon Valley where some of us pondered how to monitor personal exposure to chemicals. With “cost-effective & convenient” as our mantra, we sought to replace inconvenient pumps and hazardous glass tubes with much smaller personal samplers that would not disrupt work and would promote ease of analysis. During the 1980s and ’90s, the industrial hygiene community (including OSHA & NIOSH) seemed skeptical that cost-effective and convenient badges could out-perform the traditional, cumbersome pump-and-tube methods. At the same time, the health care industry were early adopters of Assay’s personal sampling badges and helped us to establish our business model, which is still to integrate the most cost-effective, convenient products with seamless customer service. In the 21st century, as personal monitoring badges have become dominant in vapor sampling, Assay continues to provide a product that is smaller, more convenient, and more cost-effective than competitors.