Organic Vapors TraceAir® Fast Sampling Rate for low PEL, STEL and IAQ monitoring.

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X521-1AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor Monitors. box of 5, with analysis of one chemicals included (Out of stock) $216.00Get 10% Off
X521-25AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor Monitors, box of 5, with analysis for the 25 panel chemicals included. (Out of stock) $476.00Get 10% Off


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W521-1AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor Monitor, single, with analysis of one chemical included (Out of stock) $59.00
W521-4AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor Monitor, single, with analysis for up to 4 chemicals included (Out of stock) $107.00
W521-25AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor monitor (single) with analysis prepaid for Organic Solvent Panel (Out of stock) $153.00

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M521AT Organic Vapor Sampling Media for TraceAir® 521 badges, Vial of 7 strips "OUT OF STOCK. Use N521AT" (Out of stock) $20.00
N521AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor Monitors. box of 10, analysis NOT included. - This Product is now the N525AT (Out of stock) $165.00Get 10% Off
X521-4AT TraceAir® Organic Vapor Monitors, box of 5, with analysis for up to 4 chemicals included (Out of stock) $338.00Get 10% Off


The 521 badge has been transitioned to the 525More information.

The 521 is our fastest sampling rate badge, which means it is our most sensitive badge with the lowest reporting limits.

Use this badge for monitoring chemicals with a low PEL (10 ppm or less), STEL monitoring, or for indoor air quality situations.

Note: There are a few chemicals that have PELs at 10 or below but are too volatile to be reliably collected at PEL levels by this fast sampling diffusive monitor:  1,3-butadiene, methanol, methyl acrylate, and vinyl chloride.  Use our slower sampling rate badges, 566 or 546.

Organic Solvent Panel – This panel includes the most commonly requested chemicals on an organic vapor monitor.  The set list allows us to provide results for many chemicals at a low cost.  Most frequently used for indoor air monitoring when a customer does not know exactly what is in the environment. See the tab below for the list.

M521AT – Carbon strips that go inside the 521 badge and the N521s.

This badge collects the following:

  • Benzene
  • Butyl Acrylate
  • Chloroform
  • Ethyl Acrylate
  • Ethyl Benzene
  • Naphthalene
  • Organic Solvent Panel
  • n-Propyl Bromide
  • Phenol
  • Toluene
  • Total Hydrocarbons (as n-Hexane)
  • Xylenes
  • Many More

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Tech Doc


Store at room temperature before and after use.  (Refrigerated storage is always OK.)

It is recommended that the badge be returned to the lab within 14 days of use.


Use For

Use this monitor for chemicals with a low PEL (10 ppm or less), STEL monitoring, or for indoor air quality situations where the exposure levels are expected to be low.

If a chemical is not listed under a 521 badge on our sampling guide, contact our customer service team.

Organic Solvent Panel

Who uses this panel:

People who have an indoor air quality issue at their facility, but do not know exactly what chemical(s) might be in the air.

This panel checks for many chemicals at one time without the high cost of GC/MS scans.

Customers frequently couple this badge with the 571-aldehyde badge for formaldehyde.

Some customers request the Organic Solvent Panel AND total hydrocarbons.  In order to include the alcohols, ketones, and others; a cosolvent is used during that analysis that masks part of the hydrocarbon range.  So ‘total’ hydrocarbons cannot be requested on the same badge as the Organic Solvent Panel.  Use the X521-1AT for total hydrocarbons.

Here is a list of the chemicals and their 8 hour reporting limits:

CAS # Chemical  8 hr RL, ppm
71-55-6 1,1,1-TRICHLOROETHANE               0.020
71-36-3 1-BUTANOL               0.010
4994-16-5 4-PHENYL CYCLOHEXENE               0.019
67-64-1 ACETONE               0.018
71-43-2 BENZENE             0.0036
67-66-3 CHLOROFORM               0.018
108-94-1 CYCLOHEXANONE               0.005
141-78-6 ETHYL ACETATE               0.017
64-17-5 ETHYL ALCOHOL                 0.14
100-41-4 ETHYLBENZENE             0.0040
142-82-5 HEPTANE             0.0047
110-54-3 HEXANE             0.0061
67-63-0 ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL               0.013
78-93-3 METHYL ETHYL KETONE             0.0074
108-10-1 METHYL ISOBUTYL KETONE             0.0057
80-62-6 METHYL METHACRYLATE             0.0085
75-09-2 METHYLENE CHLORIDE               0.026
91-20-3 NAPHTHALENE               0.046
123-86-4 N-BUTYL ACETATE             0.0074
127-18-4 PERCHLOROETHYLENE               0.010
100-42-5 STYRENE             0.0044
109-99-9 TETRAHYDROFURAN             0.0076
108-88-3 TOLUENE               0.017
79-01-6 TRICHLOROETHYLENE               0.011
1330-20-7 XYLENES             0.0083

Special Notes

Multiple Chemicals on One Badge

AT Labs goes to great lengths to allow customers to request many chemicals on the same sampling media.  However, not all chemicals collected on a 521/566/546 badge can be analyzed together.  On the Sampling Guide, there is a “test group” column.  All chemicals that can be analyzed together have the same test group.  There are exceptions to the rule.  Read the notes on the Sampling Guide.  The lab request forms we provide that are product specific are designed to aid customers in selecting chemicals that are compatible.  Feel free to contact our customer service department and we will be glad to assist you.