Particle Screens for ChemDisk II badges, 10 pk

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C3101 Particle Screens $20.00


Particle Screen, 10 pk

These screens were designed for use in particle board manufacturing and mines.  Particles containing your chemicals of interest (Formaldehyde, styrene or mercury) can fall through the openings in the badges causing your results to be biased high.  (Note, all mercury badges are sold with the screen already included.  Please be sure to remove the screen after use.)

Use of the screens does raise the reporting limits of the badges because the sampling rate is slowed by the screens.

IMPORTANT:  Please indicate on the LRF/COC that a Particle Screen was used.  Look for a note on the report that indicates a screen was used during sampling.    The chemical name will be:  FORMALDEHYDE (PART. SCREEN).  Contact us if you used a screen and do not see a note from the lab.

This badge collects the following:

Formaldehyde (571)

Styrene (566)

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Tech Doc

It is very important to follow the instructions closely.


No storage requirements

Use For

For use in dusty environments.  Usually for Formaldehyde but has been used for styrene.  Particle screens are included in our mercury badges.