Badges: Pros & Cons

Badges: Pros & Cons

Our top priority is making sure that you use the best tool for your job. With that in mind, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of diffusive sampling badges compared to active sampling methods.



Easy to Use

Minimal training and expertise are required to perform air sampling with badges.

Not Able to Sample Aerosols & Particulates

Most particles do not follow diffusion laws as vapors do.

Non-Intrusive to Worker

Badges minimize interference with worker tasks, promoting worker efficiency.  They are small, light, and have no tubes or motors.

Reporting Limits

Reporting limits achieved with badges are higher than can be reached with active sampling methods.  For some applications, this is significant.

Equipment Not Required

There are no pumps to purchase, calibrate, recharge or fail in the middle of sampling.

Media Cost

If you have already invested in pumps and sampling technicians, then badges cost more than sampling tubes or cassettes.

Facilitates Full-Shift (or longer) Sampling

Lower sampling rates prevent sample capacity exceedance.  Badges are tolerated for longer periods.


A personal sampling badge may not be available for the analyte you wish to sample.

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