Assay Technology’s Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide

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  • Use the  search feature or the drop down menus to narrow your selection.
  • Bolded rows show our recommended Badge/Chemical combination.
  • Items beginning with “5” are badges.  Items beginning with “J6” are tubes.  Items beginning with “JS” or “J5” are cassettes.
  • Filter by test group to determine which chemicals can be analyzed together.
  • Use our sticky boxes!  Keep the chemicals on the screen while you look for others!  Click the box to the left of the chemical name to keep it on screen.
  • Click on the “+” for more information about a chemical.
  • Click on the item number to link to more information about a product.
  • All reporting limits listed are 8 hour TWAs.
  • All 521 sampling rates are with both covers removed.
  • Many of the NIOSH/OSHA methods have been modified.  For a list of significant modifications, click here.
  • Cannot locate your chemical? Call us at 1-800-833-1258 ext. 4, or email customer service.
Chemical Name CAS Number Badge/Media Description Sampling Rate (mL/min) PEL STEL 8 hr Rpt Lmt RL (ug) Vol (L) TAT Test Group Price Code 1st Chemical Price Code Compatible Chemical Method Ref Method Group Synonyms Notes