Badge Technical Inserts

Badge Technical Inserts

Technical Inserts for Assay Technology personal monitors describe product specifications, accuracy and adherence to OSHA sampling requirements. You will also find information here on sample capacity, detection limits, temperature and humidity effects, and use and storage conditions.
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Item #


543 Acetic Acid
549 HCFC Monitor
555 Ethylene Oxide
571 Aldehydes – including Formaldehyde
574 Anesthetic Gases
575 Nitrous Oxide
581 Aldehydes Very High Sampling Rate (Glutaraldehyde, o-Phthalaldehyde)
584 Ammonia
585 Organic Amines – Primary and Secondary
586 Ozone
587 Hydrogen Peroxide
592 Acrolein
593 Mercury Vapor – Lot 12A16 to 10C18
593B Mercury Vapor – Starting with Lot 9B20
594 Nitrogen Dioxide
595 Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate
596 Phenol

Organic Vapor Badges

566 Most Versatile
525 TraceAirII® Fast Sampling Rate
546 High Capacity