Reporting Options

Reporting Options

The information in your reports are available to you in many different ways:

  • Standard PDF format via Email
  • Standard format via Fax
  • Standard format via Mail
  • Text file summary – For copy and paste data processing
  • Annual Summary – For when you aren’t sure you have all the results or just want a summary.
  • All reports available to you via Web Portal 24/7
  • Electronic Data Deliverable – For when you have a data processing program that needs data in a particular format.

Spend a few minutes here and potentially save yourself a lot of time processing data.

Standard Report Options

Here’s our standard report.  When your results are ready, we will send a report via

  • Mail
  • Fax
  • and/or Email as a PDF.

Most customers prefer Email.  We will assume the report is to be sent via email unless the customer wants to change the default in their account.  If so, call our Customer Service Department.  The Fax and email are automatic.  So feel free to request both or either.

The LRF form(s) customers send with the media to be tested are not sent with the report unless requested.  Contact customer service if you need the LRFs sent back with the report.  Once you make this request, we will always assume you want your further LRFs to be sent back.

Regulatory Limits on the reports:  As a convenience to our customers, we include regulatory limits on the reports.  When OSHA limits are available, we post those.  Some customers do not want the regulatory limits on the reports.  Give us a call and we will change your account so they never show on your reports

Value added data Summary in Excel file

If you need the results in a format where you can cut and paste data into your own reports, ask for an Excel summary of your data.  (not available for subcontracted work.)  This file is sent with report.  Once you are set up, it will come automatically.

Here’s an example

Annual Summary of results

We can easily summarize your results over the last year or more.  (not available for subcontracted work.)


Here’s an example

Customer Portal Picture

Access to your reports 24/7

Whenever you sign up for our free App, you are assigned an account on our web portal.  This allows you access to your reports whenever you want them.

Did we mention this…and the time saving App are Free?

Electronic Data Deliverables

Some customers want their data reported in a rigid format so they can upload it into their data system. Call customer service and you will be connected with our Electronic Data Deliverable team.

Here’s an example.


Usually these customers have contracted with a third party and a conference call is necessary to put the project in motion.

No Cost to you

All these services are brought to you at no extra cost.  So give us a call and discuss your options.