About the Team

About the Team

Assay Tech California team

The California Team

The dedicated staff at our California office.

Ohio Lab Group Photo 2023

The Ohio Team

The dedicated staff at our Ohio lab.

C.R. (Gus) Manning, PhD, CIH, Founder and CEO

Since Assay’s inception in 1981, Gus has focused on developing Assay’s personal monitoring badges, and supporting them with business strategies. After 2004, with the acquisition of the Miller-Nelson Atmosphere Generator and Respirator Lab, he also had to get his technical director mind around respirators. Currently, he worries about growth and development while a lively and intelligent staff handles most day-to-day activities, allowing him to play baseball and dream. gmanning@assaytech.com

Terry Yeung, B.S., Director of IT & Lab Systems

Terry joined Assay in 1993 as a lab chemist, then a lab supervisor until 1999, at which time he had an epiphany, which led him to become Assay’s information technology guru. As a scientist with IT know-how, he bridges the gap between computer systems, lab instruments, and data; helping us to achieve a good integration of company systems. His experience and inclinations have also imbued him with a wealth of knowledge about almost everything, both trivia and important stuff. tyeung@assaytech.com

Maria Peralta, PhD, Technical Director

Maria provides technical development, solutions, support and guidance to Assay and its customers across all Assay Technology products and services. You’ll mostly come across Maria as she speed walks past you on her way to and from the lab while thinking of the next 10 things to do. She has an array of experience from thin film diamond synthesis to recombinant protein expression. When not thinking of science, she enjoys cooking and the company of family and friends. mperalta@assaytech.com

Karina Abreckov, B.S., CFO

Karina manages and controls all of Assay’s financial activities, including budgeting and projections. She is at the tail end of becoming a CPA. At home, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, and making lifelong friendships. kabreckov@assaytech.com

Clare Gomes, Lab Manager and QC Manager

Clare Gomes, B.S., IH Lab Manager & Quality Manager (California)

Clare joined Assay in 2020, and is currently the CA IH Lab Manager and Quality Manager. She has 2 sons and a very active and naughty German Shepherd mix pup. In her spare time, she loves to read, play board games and spend as much time as possible with her husband in Santa Barbara or on Space Mountain at Disneyland.  Her dream is to retire anywhere near the beach. cgomes@assaytech.com

A photo of Beth Green, our Marketing & Customer Support Manager.

Beth Green, B.S., Marketing & Customer Support Manager

An employee since 1996, Beth is responsible for customer support & marketing and is the kind of person who loves to line through items on a To Do list. As anyone at Assay can attest, she works tirelessly to improve the happiness of our customers. Beth is originally from Tennessee and enjoys hiking, reading, arts & crafts, as well as keeping up with her family. bgreen@assaytech.com

Jorge Gradillo, B.S., Manufacturing Supervisor

Jorge joined Assay in 2000, and currently oversees the purchasing of materials, production planning, and final assembly of products. He is one of the main reasons Assay is able to fulfill most orders quickly. In his spare time, he is a gourmet and world traveler with discriminating tastes. His dream is to retire in Puerto Vallarta. jgradillo@assaytech.com

Kim Chen, M.S., Human Resources & Facilities Manager

Kim joined Assay in 2010, but she has been managing people all her life. She is the youngest of 7 siblings, so juggling personalities is second nature to her. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, following local sports teams, and traveling around the great state of California and beyond. kchen@assaytech.com

Kathy L. Taylor, B.S., Laboratory Manager (Ohio)

Kathy was working at DeYor Laboratory when it was acquired by Assay in 1997. Subsequently, she became AT Labs’ Ohio lab manager, presiding over the GC analysis of organic vapors, metal spectroscopy, HPLC, IC, wet chemistry, dust . . . you name it. Kathy hails from Rio Grande (the one in Ohio), and is one of the main reasons the lab delivers 99% of its reports on time. Kathy is a retired die-hard hockey Mom who loves to knit and read.  Her secret passion is horses and horseback riding. ktaylor@assaytech.com

Jeff Zatchok, B.A., Assistant Laboratory Manager & Quality Manager (Ohio)

Jeff has been a part of the Assay team since 2013. He wears many hats at the Ohio Lab. His experience as a chemist across several different fields of testing and extensive background in quality assurance and lab policy have proven to be valuable assets to the company. His spare time is filled with coaching his kids’ various sports teams and enjoying the outdoors with his family. Jeff is an avid golfer whenever time allows it. jzatchok@assaytech.com

Jessica Bousquet, M.S., Lab Manager (North Carolina)

Jessica was managing the IH lab of Sensors Safety Products before it was acquired by Assay Technology in 2022. She now manages AT Labs’ Raleigh, North Carolina division. When she is not in the lab, you can find her playing clarinet with the Cary Town Band. She also enjoys reading, gardening, bird watching, knitting and gaming. jbousquet@assaytech.com