About Us

About Us

Assay Technology History

Al's Garage

Assay Technology had its origin in 1981 in a small garage lab in Silicon Valley where some of us pondered how to monitor personal exposure to chemicals. With “cost-effective & convenient” as our mantra, we sought to replace inconvenient pumps and hazardous glass tubes with much smaller personal samplers that would not disrupt work and would promote ease of analysis. During the 1980s and ’90s, the industrial hygiene community (including OSHA & NIOSH) seemed skeptical that cost-effective and convenient badges could out-perform the traditional, cumbersome pump-and-tube methods. At the same time, the health care industry were early adopters of Assay’s personal sampling badges and helped us to establish our business model, which is still to integrate the most cost-effective, convenient products with seamless customer service. In the 21st century, as personal monitoring badges have become dominant in vapor sampling, Assay continues to provide a product that is smaller, more convenient, and more cost-effective than competitors.

Opened Assay Technology monitor showing media.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous innovation and improvement are required to provide cost-effective and convenient products and methods for personal chemical monitoring.

Since the overall monitoring process includes both sampling and lab analysis, we offer seamless lab analysis with our samplers. Of course, customers are also free to use other analytical labs. More…


Miller Nelson Lab

Miller-Nelson Research

The historic Miller-Nelson lab provides chemical capacity testing for respirator cartridges, filters, and other sorbent media.

We participate in technological developments that relate to personal chemical monitoring, evaluating chemical protective devices, and the accurate generation of chemical test atmospheres. More…

Assay Employees

As the company evolved and employee ownership took root, Assay developed a corps of self-directed managers who know how to take care of our business. We are proud to have talented people who demonstrate professional skill in the “five functions” of finance, marketing, operations, technology, and human resources. As well as providing rewards, employee ownership has led to strong connections among key people, promoting achievement and a high retention rate of personnel.

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