Using our 525 Air Sampler for Benzene and Other Chemicals

Using our 525 Air Sampler for Benzene and Other Chemicals

Assay Technology Air Samplers

Worried about the neighbors and what they are releasing into the air?  Find out your exposure to benzene and other chemicals found at a refinery by using Assay Technology air monitors.  They are:

  • accurate
  • easy to use
  • and cost efficient!


With over thirty years of experience, our badges have been designed and validated by our PhD chemists.  We have more badges for more chemicals than any other manufacturer.  If you should need lab services, our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories are experts at our badges and more.

Easy to Use

No pumps to charge, maintain, or calibrate.  The sampling rates are engineered into the badge.  Just follow a few simple Do’s and Don’ts.  So light and small, you can wear them all day and never notice!

The full service experience at a low cost

Bundling is big in the insurance and networking industries, but we have been doing it for over 30 years.  If you buy the badge and the analysis together, you get a great price.  We are experts at both the manufacturing the badges and performing the analysis. Check out our 525 product page for prices.

And, of course, with badges there are no pumps or calibrators to buy or ship.

Test for one chemical or a panel of 25

If you are only worried about Benzene, buy the W525-1AT or X525-1AT.  The “-1” means you prepay for the analysis of one chemical.  The W means one badge.  The X means a box of 5.

If you want to know more, buy the analysis of 25 of the most common industrial hygiene organic vapors.  It is a set list, but it’s a great shot gun approach.  We call it the Organic Solvent Panel (W525-25 or X525-25).  Compared to other scans out there, this is a bargain price.

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New to air sampling? Here's what to expect

  1. Place the order.
    1. Email, call, fax, or use the webstore to buy the badges you want.
    2. Consider, if you buy only one badge, you will be making decisions based on only one data point.  You probably want to have more data to evaluate.
    3. If you are buying boxes of 5, use the website and save 10%.
    4. The badges can be shipped ground or overnight, and do not require refrigeration.
  2. When you receive the badges: 
    1. Use our free Smart Badge App to record your sampling information and generate the return paperwork automatically.  If not, then use the paperwork provided in the box or save time by using the lab request forms on the website.  Fill in your report to information and print all you’d like.  Don’t remove the badges from the metal pouches until you are ready to begin sampling.
  3. When you are ready, remove the badges from the pouches, remove the sheaths, and hang.  Do not block the holes.   RECORD THE START TIME.  When you are done, RECORD THE STOP TIME.  Don’t worry about calculating the total time in minutes.  Put the sheaths back on and put the badge in the return envelope and seal carefully.
  4. Send the badge back to the lab for analysis.  Return to the lab within 14 days.  Samples do not require refrigeration.
  5. Once we receive the badges,
    1. We will log them into our database and send you a confirmation of receipt.  The report is due within six working days of sample receipt.
  6. The final report will be emailed, faxed or mail.  Your choice. The result in the “Found” column in the “Concentration” section is the average concentration for the period of time you monitored.  Not all positive results are bad.  go to the OSHA site and compare your result to the regulatory limits they recommend.  Call us with questions

Take action and know what's in the air

If you are worried about the air, use our monitors and services and learn what you are being exposed to.  Hopefully, you will have nothing to worry about. But, either way, we have your back.