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571/581 Aldehyde Badges: No Refrigeration Needed!

You read that right: our 571 and 581 aldehyde badges no longer require refrigerated storage!


Assay Technology 571 Aldehyde/Formaldehyde Monitor

Improvements to our manufacturing process have increased the stability of these products over time. Now that the testing results are in, we are excited to announce that this change applies to all unexpired 571 and 581 badges, including those ordered before March 1. You can learn more about this change by reading our validation study.

What this means for our customers:

  1. You can now select Ground or 3-day shipping when placing orders for 571/581 aldehyde badges.
  2. These products can now be shipped over a weekend without affecting shelf life.
  3. The badges can still be stored refrigerated if you’d like, or simply at controlled room temperature.

Other products have not changed. Click here for a list of products and their storage/shipping requirements.