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In the News

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Change of Method Reference for Organic Vapors

Notice to Lab Customers For years, Assay Technology has referenced a modified version of OSHA #7 (Organic Vapors) on our reports for most of the chemicals collected on charcoal media. (Badges:  546, 566, 521, and 525 for chemicals like benzene, IPA, and methylene chloride.) This method is very similar or the same as many of the other methods Read More …

Formaldehyde Levels in Homes

Formaldehyde is a common source of indoor air quality complaints for homeowners and in the workplace.  Commonly used in hospitals, poultry farms, funeral homes, and countless other professional environments, formaldehyde is also found in carpets, floor tiles, particleboard, and more.  Usually the amount of formaldehyde in a home is low enough to not be noticed and Read More …