Introducing Industry Pages

  Protecting the health and safety of employees should always be a top priority of any organization, no matter its size or industry.  If you are reading this, we are preaching to the choir.  However, depending on the industry you serve, you have many different health and safety challenges.  We know.  Over the last 35 Read More …

Small Change to our Report Format

Beginning February 1, 2019, instead of using the acronym “ND” for None Detected at or above the reporting limit, we are going to use the ‘less than’ symbol.  Here’s what we mean.  (Follow the red text): Old Format Quantity Found Sample Concentration Found RptLmt Units Vol (L) Time (min) Found RptLmt Units ND 0.25 UG Read More …

Assay Technology Sign

Price Adjustment, effective 09/01/2018

Dear Valued Customer: We appreciate your business and we work hard to make The AssayTech Personal Sampling Experience the best for you.  Our goal is to provide you with the most competent, cost-effective, and convenient way to conduct the entire personal sampling process. Purchase the sampler with pre-paid analysis and know that you are getting the Read More …