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A Little Change Is Good

We are excited to announce a pair of packaging improvements coming soon to our boxes and return envelopes!


New and Old Assay Technology Boxes

Why change packaging you have been using for 30 years?

There’s a lot to be said for having iconic packaging.  First and foremost, it means you have been around long enough to be iconic, which is definitely a measure of success.  Second, it’s easy to reorder what you have ordered many times before; after all, you have trusted vendors that barely need a call to get the order placed.

However, without change you can become stuck in the past, doing what made sense 30 years ago instead of what makes sense today.  With a few changes, things can be done easier, faster, and using materials that can be reused or recycled.

New Assay Technology boxes with bare cardboard exterior

The Assay Technology Box

You will soon notice that our badges are packaged in a new box.  Instead of our iconic light blue, we are switching to bare cardboard.  This saves a little money and makes paint no longer necessary.  In addition, it saves us from buying and applying the “Made in the USA” stickers to each box.

Return envelope sealed with reusable stick

The Sample Return Envelope

For the return trip, we’ve traded in an envelope with a fold-over adhesive strip for a slip-on sealing stick.  There are at least 4 reasons for this change:

  1. In our testing, the sealing sticks performed far better than any other method at providing an airtight seal.
  2. There is a small cost savings for us, which helps keep our badge prices as low as possible for you.
  3. They are reusable, which reduces waste.
  4. You can now freely open and close the pouch! Forget to write down a serial number? Just slide the stick off, look at the badge, and slide the stick back on.

This change will take a moment or two to get used to, but it really is quite an improvement. Watch our video below for a demonstration of how to use the new pouch sealer.

Learn How to Use the New Pouch Sealer