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Congratulations to Dr. Charles R. Manning!

The 2022 Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award Winner

“I believe the award was given mainly for my technical efforts in advancing personal monitoring badges.  In 1980, I saw that personal sampling was being conducted in a complicated, expensive way accessible mainly to expert practitioners.  My experience in quality control had taught me to try to get as much data as possible.  I wanted to make personal exposure sampling more cost-effective and convenient, accessible to a wider range of technicians, so that more personal exposure samples could be collected at lower cost.  Since the 1980s, I have seen the attitude in the IH community toward diffusive sampling gradually advance from skepticism to broad acceptance.  That in itself has been a reward.”

The Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award

recognizes an individual or group of individuals, company, academic institution, organization, or association that has made significant contributions to industrial hygiene in recent years through technical expertise, technological innovations, research and scientific advancements in the field of industrial hygiene, and interaction with or influence on other scientific disciplines.

The Founder, President, Technical Director, Badge Designer, CEO, Ph.D, CIH, FAIHA

You can read about all of the 2022 AIHA named awards recipients by heading over to AIHA.org.  Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to our important profession!  Be well and have a safe day.