The 587 Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor allows you to easily measure personal exposure to hydrogen peroxide vapor. The badge collects hydrogen peroxide on a chemically activated silica gel adsorbent and is analyzed by a spectrophotochemical method. It is important to use the pouch provided to protect the badge from light before and after sampling.  Not using the pouch can give a low bias result.

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w/ Analysis

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W587K Prepaid for Hydrogen Peroxide $82.00


This badge collects the following:

Hydrogen peroxide

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Special Notes

Peracetic acid may lead to a high bias result.  The 587 badge collects peroxides and the analytical method is sensitive to all peroxides

Tech Doc


Before sampling, ship and store at room temperature.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature. Ship samples to arrive at the laboratory within 14 days of sampling.

Use For

Use for 8-hour/TWA sampling.