Assay Technology’s Nitrous Oxide Monitor (575) contains activated molecular sieves.  During sampling, the sieves trap the nitrous oxide.  At the lab, the samples are desorbed by transferring the sieves into a vial, adding water, and capping the vial.  The water will displace the nitrous oxide, which gathers in the headspace of the vial.  Finally, the headspace is analyzed by GC/ECD for the nitrous oxide.

The badge is not recommended for IAQ monitoring.

Each sampling event should include field blanks.  Subtract out the field blank result from the badges used for exposures.

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Before sampling, ship and store at room temperature.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature. Return the samples to the laboratory within 7 days of sample collection.

Important Handling Instructions:

  • Remove the badges from pouches immediately before sampling.  Even though the badge is shut, it could still be collecting nitrous oxide.
  • Before and after use, store the badges in a room that has no nitrous oxide
  • After sampling, put each badge into a return container and in the return envelope provided. Then seal the envelope.  Please use the return containers and envelopes provided, and do not put more than one badge in each envelope.

Use For

Sample while gas is in use.

Functional range of the badge: 1 hour – 8 hours.  Minimum recommended sampling time is 1 hour.

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