The 543 sampler contains NaOH-treated G-BAC carbon.  (The media changed with lot 6N17.)

The media inside the 543 is not the same media that is inside the 566.  The 566 cannot be used for acetic acid monitoring.

The sampler can be analyzed following NIOSH 1603, but OSHA 186SG (ion chromatography) is a much more sensitive method and allows the badge to be used for STEL monitoring.

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w/ Analysis

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w/ Analysis

W543AT Prepaid for Acetic Acid $70.00

No Analysis

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This badge collects the following:

Acetic acid

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

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Before sampling, store and ship at room temperature.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature.  Return to the lab within 14 days of sampling.

Use For

Functional range of the badge is 15 minutes to 8  hours.

This product may be used for STEL or PEL sampling.