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Searching Our Website

By now most everyone knows how to use a search engine… or do we?


Chemicals can add an extra layer of complexity because there are many ways to describe the same chemical.

For example, most would call this chemical:  n-Propyl Bromide.

But it also goes by:

  • 106-94-5
  • Propyl Bromide,
  • 1-Bromopropane
  • 1-Propyl Bromide

So if you have a list of chemicals, do you look under “1” or “b” or “p” or “n”?

Computer search engines don’t help much.  If you search under: propyl bromide, the search engine will give you all the chemicals that contain those words, one of those words, or a larger word that contains your word.  That means it should return:  Ethylene Dibromidepropylene glycol, Propyl alcohol, etc. along with propyl bromide.  If you search for Ethyl Alcohol, you’ll get:  Methyl Alcohol, Methylene chloride, diethylamine, etc.

Here’s an example from our site.  Search under propyl bromide and I get over 50 matches and the chemical you wanted is not in sight: For a larger picture

Here’s the same query, except with quotes:  “Propyl Bromide”: Click to make larger

Just the chemical you wanted.  Four matches.



  • Try searching for the CAS #.  Every chemical has a unique CAS #.  For example, Formaldehyde is 50-00-0.
  • Use quotes, “<search>”.
  • Search for only words.  Instead of 1-propyl bromide, o-xylene or 1,1,1-trichloromethane, search for propyl bromide, xylene or trichloromethane.
  • Try synonyms.  Maybe you are a bromomethane kind of a guy, but we like propyl bromide.

Nothing works all the time.  Be flexible.  If all else fails, give us a call.