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Tips to help your projects go smoothly

We at Assay Technology want customers to have a great experience with our products and services.  To this end, for years, we have included Tips of the Week when we have emailed results to customers.  The tips were intended to be both friendly and helpful and varied from technical to practical.

A short time ago, we decided to remove the Tips from the emails we send with reports.  The tips tended to have links to our web pages and pictures.  Some of our customers have email servers that trash any emails with hyperlinks in it, meaning the customer never received their report.

So, we are starting to publish them on the website and may send them to our customers via an email that does not contain a report.

The Tip this month:  Use the Lab Request forms on the website or use the SmartBadge App.  We provide a lab request form with every badge.  The intent is a safety officer hands out the badges with the Lab Request Form and the person monitored fills out the form.  However, some safety managers/consultants prefer to complete the forms themselves.  So we will get ~50 lab request forms, all completed by hand, including their name and address on every form.  We have no intention of being that difficult to work with!

We have several ways to make this process easier:

  • Use our Lab Request Forms online and save yourself time and writer’s cramp.  Enter your “report to” information, then print all the lab request forms you need
  • Use our generic forms, which allow for 10 badges per page.  (Use one of the LRFs we provide as a guide for which chemicals are not compatible.)  Generic LRF/COCBadge Only Generic LRF/COC
  • Try our free SmartBadge App
  • Use your own LRF/COC.

Have a suggestion or a question?  Let us know.  We would be excited to hear from you.

Next Tip Topic:  Shipping badges back to the laboratory.