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Why doesn’t my report tell me if I passed or failed?

Most commonly, a customer will use our badges to monitor a person performing a regular work task for a STEL (15 minutes) or PEL (8 hours), then they will compare their result to a published OSHA limit. If this were the only task that customers performed, and there were OSHA STELs and PELs for all chemicals, we would be able to set up a reporting mechanism that would flag the result as a “pass” or “fail”. However, this is not the case. Customers perform all kinds of different monitoring and use regulatory limits from several different agencies when evaluating their results.  There is too much variety to set up a pass/fail system that would be acceptable for all our customers.

If you need assistance interpreting your report, feel free to contact us. We will point to the Concentration Found column and if applicable, the available regulatory limits. However, keep in mind, we are not a trained safety officer performing evaluations on your site and cannot make safety decisions for you. If you need the services of a certified industrial hygienist, we have many as our customers and can probably find some that are local to you.