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New Phenol Badge – 596

In September 2019 Assay Technology created a new badge, the 596 for Phenol.


The badge can be used for:

  • 8 hour TWAs (Reporting Limit: 0.030 ppm, OSHA TWA: 5 ppm) and
  • 15 minute STELs (Reporting Limit: 0.96 ppm, NIOSH Ceiling, 1 hour: 15.6 ppm)

For more details, see the 596 product page or search for Phenol in the sampling guide.

Phenol used to be collected by the 525 badge.  Technically, there is little difference between the 596 and 525 badges.  We created the 596 badge to make billing simpler and more consistent for our customers.

Laboratories can use the N525 badge and M525 for media.