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Coronavirus Impact


Here is our status:

  • Our company is still considered essential.  So pending an outbreak, we continue to be open for business, but we may have a few more people working from home and taking time off.
  • We are shipping product every day.
  • Our labs are up and functioning.
  • We have people working remotely and in the office to answer your calls and emails.

In order to mitigate the risk as much as possible, employees are:

  • Working from home, when possible.
  • Staggering shifts so we can follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Wearing face coverings whenever not in our safety zones.
  • Required to take their temperature before entering the workplace.
  • Cleaning their work area before and after use.

For those companies that require this information:  As of this morning (4/1/21), we have had one employee confirmed to have the virus.  However he has long since recovered recovered and is back at work.  No other employees have contracted the disease.  Most of our staff has had at least one shot of vaccine and has the 2nd dose scheduled.