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Formaldehyde Levels in Homes

Formaldehyde is a common source of indoor air quality complaints for homeowners and in the workplace.  Commonly used in hospitals, poultry farms, funeral homes, and countless other professional environments, formaldehyde is also found in carpets, floor tiles, particleboard, and more.  Usually the amount of formaldehyde in a home is low enough to not be noticed and is determined to not be a concern.  There have been at least two instances in the last couple of years where manufacturers of products used in the home have had to respond to multiple complaints about their products creating an environment high in irritating formaldehyde.

In February 2016, a major supplier of floor tiles was accused of selling tiles that greatly exceeded the allowable concentration of formaldehyde.  Thousands of homeowners used Assay Technology’s aldehyde badge (571) to determine if the level of formaldehyde in their homes was dangerous.

In July 2017, one of the largest manufacturer of wood products published a press release stating the odor their customers were complaining about in their homes was from a “coating that included formaldehyde-based resin”.  So, Assay Technology is again supplying thousands of badges in support of a project to determine the concentration of formaldehyde in homes that may be affected.

The Assay Technology Aldehyde monitor Item 571 is easy to use to determine indoor air quality and levels of formaldehyde present in the environment.  The monitor is hung in the area of concern, opened to begin sampling, and closed to end sampling.  The monitor may be used for 24 hours, to sample indoors.

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571 Badge

Why Assay Badges?

  • Assay Technology manufactures air monitoring badges that are accurate and easy to use.
  • They have been used for more then 30 years by many Health and Safety Consultants and Industrial Hygiene Laboratories in the United States, Canada, and around the world.
  • The 571 badge can be used to test the air for Formaldehyde over 15 minutes, 8 hours or even 24 hours for indoor air monitoring (homes).
  • No equipment nor expertise is required to use the badge. Instructions are included (and below), however to use,
    • Simply open the badge to begin sampling.
    • Clip the badge to your collar for personal monitoring or place in a room.  Do not put in a drawer, under clothing, or in a closet with the door closed.
    • Snap the badge shut to stop sampling and immediately place inside the supplied return envelop.
    • No pumps, no glass tubes.
  • After monitoring, send the badge back to the laboratory for analysis.
  • We recommend sending your badge by a traceable shipping service (Not first class mail).  Results will be available within one to two weeks.  Be sure to complete the lab request form included with the badge with your contact information.
  • If you have never received a report, try our report FAQs and call if you have further questions.


Supporting Documents

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State of California Fact Sheet – While this document is only intended to be used in the state of California, it provides some guidance.
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