Our 594 Nitrogen Dioxide Monitor allows for easy and cost-effective determination of personal exposure to nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide is trapped on a glass fiber filter impregnated with triethanolamine. The resulting nitrite ions are quantitated by colorimetry or ion chromatography.

This badge does not collect nitric oxide.

This badge does collect Sulfur Dioxide. The Sulfur Dioxide sampling rate of 16.7 mL/min has been lab verified. However Sulfur Dioxide is not part of AT Labs’ accreditation yet. Other laboratories can analyze this badge for Sulfur Dioxide.

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Item Description List Price

Box of 5

w/ Analysis

X594AT Five badges with included analysis for Nitrogen Dioxide. $280.00Get 10% Off


w/ Analysis

W594K Single badge with included analysis for Nitrogen Dioxide. $72.00

No Analysis

N594AT 10 monitors $281.00Get 10% Off


This badge collects the following:

Nitrogen dioxide

Sulfur dioxide

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

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Before sampling, ship and store at room temperature. After sampling, store and ship at room temperature.  Ship for samples to arrive at the laboratory within 28 days of sampling.

Use For

8-hour TWA sampling.

Note: Reporting limit for a 15-minute STEL sample is 0.8 ppm.