The ethylene oxide monitor is an easy method to sample for either 15 minute STEL or full shift 8 hour exposures.

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Ethylene oxide  is collected on a flexible, inert charcoal wafer treated with hydrogen bromide.  The hydrogen bromide converts ethylene oxide to 2-bromoethanol.  At the lab, the excess hydrogen bromide is neutralized with sodium carbonate.  Then, the 2-bromoethanol is extracted with 90/10 toluene/acetonitrile and analyzed by GC/ECD.  No further derivatization is required.

This badge collects the following:

Ethylene oxide

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Special Notes

Note: The sampling rate of the 555 changed with Lot 7F15, July 2015.

Tech Doc


Before sampling, store and ship at room temperature.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature.  Return to the lab within 14 days of sampling.

Use For

The 555 ethylene oxide badge may be used for:
15 minute, STEL sampling
8 hour, TWA sampling
24 hour, IAQ sampling