Primary and secondary amines are collected on fiberglass treated with 1-naphthyl isothiocyanate (NIT).  The sample is desorbed with acetonitrile and the resulting derivatives are analyzed using an HPLC with a UV/VIS detector.

Refrigerated product. Maximum 2 days in shipping. Avoid shipping over the weekend. Store refrigerated, upon receipt.

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Before sampling, ship at room temperature for delivery within 2 business days to preserve maximum shelf life. Store refrigerated.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature.  Ship to the laboratory for analysis within 28 days of sampling.

Use For

15 minute/STEL sampling

8 hour/TWA sampling

Organic Amines Panel

The 585 monitor may be analyzed for the organic amine panel chemicals listed below.  The upgrade fee is $170/each sample.  In order to request the panel, write in “organic amine panel” on the lab request form.  Contact customer service (ph# 800-833-1258) to arrange for payment of the upgrade fee.

  • Butylamine
  • Cyclohexylamine
  • Diethanolamine
  • Diethylamine
  • Diethylenetriamine
  • Dimethylamine
  • Ethanolamine
  • Ethylamine
  • Ethylenediamine
  • Methylamine
  • Morpholine
  • Propylenimine

NOTE:  Triethylenetetramine may not be included in the panel analysis.

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Item # Description Quantity Online Price
With Analysis (best deal)
X585AT Organic Amine monitors (set of 5) with analysis of one chemical prepaid for each
W585AT Organic Amine monitor (single) with analysis of one chemical prepaid
Analysis sold separately
N585AT Organic Amine monitors (set of 10) without analysis
M585AT Organic Amine sampling media, 6 per pack