Our new 545 methanol badge allows for easy and cost-effective determination of personal exposure to methanol.

The 545 is sensitive enough for 15-minute STEL sampling, while also providing more than enough capacity for 8-hour TWA sampling. Its bead shaped activated carbon media (G-BAC)  and strong organic solvent extraction solve the poor desorption recovery and reverse diffusion issues found in other badges and methods.

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Item Description List Price

Box of 5

w/ Analysis

X545AT Five badges with included analysis for Methanol. $239.00Get 10% Off


w/ Analysis

W545K One badge with included analysis for Methanol. $64.00

No Analysis

M545AT Jar containing 14 g of media (equivalent to 10 samples) $35.00
N545AT Ten badges for Methanol sampling. Analysis sold separately. $179.00Get 10% Off


This badge collects the following:

Methanol  (Methyl Alcohol)

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Special Notes

Q: Why did Assay Technology make a badge specifically for methanol?
A: Over long sampling times, methanol can diffuse off carbon media, which is why we’ve always recommended using the 566 badge for no longer than 15 minutes of methanol sampling. Developing a new badge allowed us to utilize media and an analytical method that were best for methanol, without needing to worry about any other chemicals. The 545 badge uses a form of carbon which binds small molecules more tightly, and we can use the strong solvent N,N-Dimethyl Formamide to move our methanol recoveries from 72.9% to over 99%. This solvent blocks much of the chromatogram, making the recovery of many other chemicals impossible.

Q: Can the 545 badge be used for 8-hour (TWA) and 15-minute (STEL) methanol sampling?
A: Yes! Click the “Use For” tab to see reporting limits.

Q: Can I still use the Assay 546 and 566 badges for 8-hour and 15-minute methanol sampling?
A: Considering the superior performance of the new badge in regard to both desorption efficiency and reverse diffusion, we believe customers should change over as soon as possible. However, we will still offer methanol analysis on the 546 and 566 for a limited time.

Q: What other chemicals can the 545 badge be used for?
A: Currently, we haven’t validated the 545 for any other chemicals. However, we are working on several additions, including ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.

Q:  What is G-BAC media?
A:  G-BAC is a petroleum-based, Bead-shaped Activated Carbon.

Q: Why does the 545 use a petroleum-based carbon instead of the typical coconut shell charcoal?
A: The petroleum-based G-BAC carbon is better at binding small oxygenated molecules, greatly reducing the reverse diffusion of methanol over long sampling times.

Tech Doc


Store at room temperature before and after use. Refrigerated storage is always OK.

It is recommended that the badge be returned to the lab within 14 days of sampling.

Use For

Time Monitored Assay Technology 545 Reporting Limit Regulatory Limit
15 minutes (STEL) 34 ppm 250 ppm (NIOSH)
8 hours (TWA) 1.1 ppm 200 ppm (OSHA)
24 hours (IAQ) 0.32 ppm
Use for 8-hour PEL, 15-minute STEL, or Indoor Air Quality sampling