Use our 593 Mercury Vapor Monitor to easily measure personal exposure levels to this metal. Mercury vapor is collected by a thin, ultra high-purity layer of gold. The gold is digested overnight with a mixture of concentrated acids. Then, an analysis of elemental mercury is performed by cold vapor atomic fluorescence (CVAF). Previously, these badges included a particle screen by default, but this was removed because most customers do not sample in dusty environments. If you do need particle screens, they can still be purchased separately as item C3101.

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Item Description List Price

Box of 5

w/ Analysis

X593AT Prepaid for Mercury vapor $294.00Get 10% Off


w/ Analysis

W593K Prepaid for Mercury vapor $82.00

No Analysis

M593AT Sampling media (6 per pack) $42.00
N593AT 10 monitors $285.00Get 10% Off


This badge collects the following:

Mercury vapor

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Tech Doc


Before sampling, ship and store at room temperature.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature.  Ship to the laboratory for analysis within 28 days of sampling.

Use For

8-hour/TWA sampling