The 566 Organic Vapor Monitor is our most versatile and popular organic vapor badge.  The 566 utilizes our ChemDisk II configuration with a flexible, inert charcoal wafer, making it smaller and much easier to use than other badges on the market.  The 76-hole sampling grid allows for sampling rates around 8 mL/min.  While the 8-hour reporting limits vary from chemical to chemical (see our Sampling Guide), most are in the 0.1 ppm range, well below most OSHA PELs and NIOSH RELs.  In addition, the 566 badge has much more sampling capacity than most other badge and tube methods.

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Item Description List Price

Box of 5

w/ Analysis

X566-1AT 1 chemical $224.00Get 10% Off
X566-4AT 4 chemicals $334.00Get 10% Off


w/ Analysis

W566-1K 1 chemical $58.00
W566-4K 4 chemicals $102.00

No Analysis

M566AT Sampling media (30 wafers per vial) $59.00
N566AT 10 monitors $149.00Get 10% Off
N566AT-100B 100 monitors packaged in bulk $1,418.00Get 10% Off


Assay Technology also has two other Organic Vapor badges for more extreme environments.  The 546 High Capacity Monitor is used when monitoring an environment for chemicals with high PELs (200 ppm and higher).  The 525 TraceAir II Organic Vapor Monitor is used for STEL and IAQ monitoring where low reporting limits are essential and low concentrations are expected.  For assistance in choosing which is best for your situation, view our guide for selecting which Organic Vapor badge you should use.

Please note: The 566 monitor can NOT be used for acetic acid monitoring.  See our 543 Acetic Acid Monitor.

Industrial Hygiene Labs:

This badge collects the following:

Methylene Chloride
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Isopropyl Alcohol
Ethyl Alcohol
Ethyl Acetate
Methyl Methacrylate
Hydrocarbons, Total

And many more!

More Information on the Sampling Guide.

Tech Doc


Store at room temperature before and after use. Refrigerated storage is OK.

It is recommended that the badge be returned to the lab within 14 days of use.

Use For

The extremely versatile 566 badge can be used in most environments.

  • STEL and Ceiling
  • TWA
  • IAQ
  • Can be used for longer periods of time

If very low reporting limits are needed and there is believed to be very little organic vapor in the air, such as an Indoor Air Quality situation, then the fast-sampling 525 TraceAir II badge may be the best option.  If concentrations of 200 ppm or higher are expected during an 8-hour monitoring, the High Capacity 546 badge may be best.  Call our customer service department for advice or review our Guide online.

Why Prepay for the Analysis?

Saves You Time and Money

Customers can purchase samplers with the analysis at AT Labs’ AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited laboratories already prepaid.  Since both the monitor and analysis are sold at the same time, the price is significantly lower than buying them separately.  The -1 products come with the analysis of one chemical prepaid, while the -4 products come with the analysis of up to 4 chemicals prepaid. These two choices satisfy most customers’ needs.

At times, customers will need analysis for more chemicals than they have prepaid for. When this happens, they can simply request the additional chemical on the lab request form and will be billed for it after the report is completed.  The price will vary depending on the type of analysis, but you can search for your chemical on our Sampling Guide to view analysis costs. Once you’ve found your chemical, expand its information by pressing the “+” button; the analysis cost for an additional chemical should be listed on the “Analysis Price, Same Test Group, 2nd Chemical” line (Hint: the item code will end with an X, e.g. A705-X).  You can also view our Price List to determine the price per extra chemical.  If you need any help determining pricing, feel free to contact our customer service team.

Trick of the Trade:

If you need to monitor for 2 chemicals, buy the 566-1AT badge and ask for an additional chemical.  If you need to monitor for more than 2 chemicals, buy the 566-4AT