Acrolein reacts with 2-hydroxy-methylpiperidine on silica gel to produce a derivative which is extracted with toluene and analyzed by GC/NPD.

Refrigerated product. Before sampling, maximum 2 days in shipping. Store refrigerated upon receipt for maximum shelf life. After sampling, store and ship at room temperature.

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X592AT Prepaid for Acrolein $328.00Get 10% Off


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W592K Prepaid for Acrolein $89.00

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M592AT Sampling media (6 per pack) $29.00
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More Information on the Sampling Guide.

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Before sampling, ship at room temperature to arrive within 2 business days to preserve maximum shelf life.  Store refrigerated.

After sampling, store and ship at room temperature. Ship to the laboratory for arrival within 14 days of sampling.

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8-hour/TWA Sampling