Assay Technology’s 546 High Capacity Organic Vapor Badge is excellent for all day monitoring of Organic Vapors that have high PELs (greater than 200 ppm).  The 19 hole sampling face greatly reduces the possibility that the collection media becomes saturated, making a second wafer inside the badge unnecessary in most environments.  The 8 hour reporting limits are different for each chemical, but they are about 0.5 ppm, which is well below most PELs.  Check our sampling guide for the chemical you are interested in.  The 546 badge is not usually recommended for STEL (15 minute) monitoring.

Assay Technology also manufactures two other Organic Vapor Monitors.   See our 566 or 525 badge.  For assistance in choosing which is best for your situation, use our Guide.

Please Note:  The 566 monitor can NOT be used for acetic acid monitoring.  See our Acetic Acid Monitor: 543.

Industrial Hygiene Labs:

  • Sampling Rates are in our Sampling Guide and Requested Sampling Rates or search by CAS #.  Contact us if you can not find a rate you need.
  • Opening the ChemDisk is made much easier using the pick we specify.
  • Media is available for QC testing.  Use our M products  (M566).
  • The media inside the 546 badge is the same media that is in the 566 badge.  The only difference is the sampling grid.


Tech Doc


Store at room temperature before and after use.  (Refrigerated storage is always OK.)

It is recommended that the badge be returned to the lab within 14 days of use.

Use For

8 Hour TWA for Chemicals with a PEL 200 ppm or greater.

For STEL Monitoring, always use a 566 or 521 badge.

Why Prepay for the Analysis

Customers can purchase samplers with the analysis at AT Labs’ AIHA-LAP, LLC accreditated laboratories already pre-paid.  Since both the monitor and analysis is sold at the same time, the price is significantly lower than buying them separately. The -1 products come with the analysis of one chemical prepaid. The -4 products come with the analysis of up to 4 chemicals. This  satisfies most needs.

However, at times, a customer will need more chemicals than they have prepaid for. When this happens, a customer can simply request the additional chemical and will be billed for it after the report is completed.

Ready to Buy?

Order below or use our quick order form for the entire list of products online.  If you are unsure if you want to pay for the analysis at the same time as the badge, learn more about prepaid analysis.  Products with snowflakes next to their item number have shipping restrictions.

See our Terms and Conditions in the shopping cart.  Orders are reviewed by our customer service staff before a confirmation is sent with an expectation date of arrival.  So orders placed during non-working hours will not have an email confirmation sent until we return.


Item # Description Quantity Online Price
With Analysis (best deal)
X546-4AT Organic Vapor high capacity monitors (set of 5) with analysis of 4 standard chemicals or 1 complex mixture prepaid for each
W546-1AT Organic Vapor high capacity monitor (single) with analysis of one standard chemical prepaid
W546-4AT Organic Vapor high capacity monitor (single) with analysis of 4 standard chemicals or 1 complex mixture prepaid for each
X546-1AT Organic Vapor high capacity monitors (set of 5) with analysis of 1 standard chemicals prepaid for each
Analysis sold separately
N546AT Organic Vapor high capacity monitors (set of 10) without analysis