The Assay Technology Experience

The Assay Technology Experience

Tried and True

For over 30 years, Assay Technology has been providing ways for occupational health practitioners to conduct their chemical air sampling programs that are:

  • Competent
  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient.

Because we control the quality of both samplers and analyses, the Assay Technology Experience is different. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that Assay Technology is here for you from start to finish with decades of experience. See the summary below.

New to Assay Technology? We will send you a free badge with analysis of one chemical. A real badge. A real result.

The Assay Technology Experience

Low profile, easy to use badges

Assay produces more badges for more chemicals than anyone else. Plus, they are easy to use and wear.

For example, we have organic vapor monitors designed for:

  • Indoor Air Quality, highly sensitive, without the price of a GC/MS or thermo desorbtion method. (525)
  • High concentration monitoring (546)
  • And for everything in between, our most versatile badge: 566

We also have the best formaldehyde badge in the business – The 571 Aldehyde badge. Use for STEL, PEL, or indoor air monitoring.

Maybe you require an unusual monitor like:  organic amines, Super Glue, or acrolein. (See the full list).

Or give us a call for special projects, 800-833-1258.

Creating a sampling strategy

Our website is always present to provide you with all the information possible about the monitors, including a new dynamic sampling guide and an extensive FAQ section that includes videos and blogs answering common questions. Sometimes, you just need to talk to a live person. Our customer service professionals are ready to receive your phone calls at 800-833-1258.

Samplers to your site on schedule

Our West Coast location allows you lots of time to place your order at 5 pm EST and still get the shipment to you the next day.

Our standard operating procedure:  No lead time required. Just place your order, and we will ship it out the same day. Restrictions apply to refrigerated products.

Executing a sampling event

We attend the AIHce every year. The most common feedback from customers, no matter which lab they use is:  “I love your badges. They are so easy to use.” Assay’s samplers are designed to be smaller, less obtrusive, and more convenient (for practitioners) to open, close, use, and ship–than any other sampler.

Executing lab request forms

For those using Assay’s AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited labs, a lab request form can be executed using a smart phone “app” or by filling out paperwork enclosed with each sampler. Or, try our PDF LRFs on our website.  Just enter in your sampling information and print.

Executing the analysis

Assay Technology has two AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited labs, therefore, you can trust our data. Also, since Assay Technology makes and analyzes badges, there is no finger pointing by the lab saying: “Must be the media” or the badge manufacturer saying:  “Must be the lab.”  We have control of both the media and the analysis. But, if you choose to use another lab, we will fully support them.

An important note: The biggest customer of AT Labs is our own internal QC program for our badges. We perform QC testing on all new lots. Nothing goes on the shelves for shipping until they pass initial QC. And, we do not stop there. We also test products at the mid-shelf life and at the end of the shelf-life.

Receiving a lab report

Assay’s lab reports, in electronic or paper format, are simple and backed by a reliable data base. Reports can be customized to meet your personal download needs:  Annual summaries, excel format, electronic deliverables (ProcessMap and custom). Need help? It’s right there in our FAQs, of course. Also, when you sign up for our app, you will have access to our web portal, providing you access to your reports 24/7.

Simplified, single invoice event

Assay’s sampler-with-prepaid-analysis offers the most cost-effective and convenient way to do personal sampling.

A single sales transaction makes it more efficient for you and for us. This way, we can forward the administrative savings to you. Look for the items that begin with “X” for eXtra savings.

However, for those who want to purchase just the badges, we will still support you. See our N products.

If you have a tube or cassette that needs to be analyzed, no problem. AT Labs can analyze active media as well as badges. See our Sampling Guide and Lab Services price list.

We will work with you

We trust The Assay Technology Experience will work for most everyone. We are efficient and cost-effective. We have over 30 years of proof it works.

We are also very flexible. It is not “our way or the highway.” Give us a call if you have a special situation and we will do our best to help you.