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TraceAir II – Assay Technology upgrades the TraceAir badges

Assay Technology 525 Organic Vapor Monitor

TraceAir upgrade to TraceAir II

In October 2017, Assay Technology unveiled a redesign for the TraceAir badge.  The TraceAir badge was used for the fast sampling rate Organic Vapor badge (521) and the fast sampling rate Aldehyde Monitor (580). The 521 and 580 will be discontinued once the remaining stock is sold. They will be replaced by the 525 and 581 badges. The 525 will be available approximately January 2018, and the 581 in October 2017.


Open 521 badge (discontinued), exposing media.

Redesign was initiated due to customer feedback

The TraceAir badge was initially designed and produced by Dupont. It changed hands a number of times before Assay Technology bought the rights. The original design was not altered significantly by any of the previous owners until now. Since Assay Technology has owned the TraceAir badge, there have been complaints by end users that the badge comes apart too easily while trying to remove the sampling caps. This redesign was initiated to address this and other feedback from customers.

525 TraceAir II Organic Vapor Monitor

The Redesign

The badge no longer has one or two caps to be removed. Instead, there is a sheath to slide on or off to begin or end sampling. This does take away sampling rate flexibility (one or two sides).  However, so few customers used the “one cap removed” option, that we expect many more customers will be happy they aren’t pulling apart the badges than missing the one cover removed option.

Even though the TraceAir II has the same number of holes and the same size holes, the badges are slightly bigger than the TraceAir badges.  The propropylene used for the body of the TraceAir II required a little more space between the holes. Despite having the same number and same size holes, the sampling rates are slightly faster, ~5%.  Laboratories must be careful to update the sampling rates for the TraceAir II badge.

Only the 581 (Aldehyde Monitors) are ready for use, thus the sampling guide has the new sampling rates for aldehydes only.  When the 525 badges sampling rates are determined, laboratories will be notified as soon as possible.

Return containers are no longer provided for the return trip to the lab.  It was determined the sheath and the return metal envelope was adequate.

TraceAir II Badge Product Summaries:
581 – Aldehyde Badge 525 – Organic Vapor Badge
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