Assay Technology acquires Sensors Safety Products

Assay Technology acquires Sensors Safety Products

Assay Technology, Inc. has acquired the business assets of Sensors Safety Products related to air samplers and analysis. Employees of the two companies will combine forces as employees at Sensors’ Raleigh, NC facility will become employee-owners of Assay Technology. Orders placed with the Raleigh facility will be fulfilled with Assay Technology personal monitoring badges at similar pricing and terms. Lab analysis of samplers may be performed at Raleigh, NC, at Boardman, OH, or at Livermore, CA, the other AIHA-accredited laboratories operated by Assay Technology.

Below is a guide to help you determine which Assay Technology item has replaced the Sensors Safety Products item.  Click on the AT product number (e.g. AT 571) for more info or to place an order.



Formaldehyde, SSP 4180 : AT 571

Xylene, SSP 4780 : AT 566

Glutaraldehyde, SSP 4230 : AT 581

Cidex OPA, SSP 4804 : AT 581

Acetic Acid, SSP 4001 : AT 543

Methanol, SSP 4416 : AT 545

Nitrous Oxide, SSP 4450 : AT 575

Halogenated Anesthetics, SSP 4250 : AT 574


And More …

Assay Technology also provides samplers for Ethylene Oxide, Amines, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone, Mercury Vapor, a broad range of Organic Vapors & More. Click for a full list of AT Diffusive Samplers.

If you have already purchased samplers from SSP, please be assured that the same AIHA-LAP accredited lab service will be provided.

To view your Sensors Safety Product lab reports, they can be accessed here: Report Login

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Thank you! We look forward to continuing to serve your personal sampling needs.