Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Customers who already know what they need can use the table below to quickly select the products they wish to purchase. 

Customers who have questions about what they need can go to the product description page.

Below is a summary of the types of products.  Examples are X521-1AT, W521-4AT, N521AT, and M521AT:

  • X’s:  Five badges per box, with different levels of analysis prepaid.  This is our best deal.  *10% Discount is available.
  • W’s:  One Badge, with different levels of analysis prepaid.  Discount not available.
  • N’s:  Ten badges per box, with NO analysis prepaid.  Use by other laboratories or by customers that have a contract with another lab.  Buying N products and sending the badges to AT Labs will cost more than if the X box with prepaid analysis was purchased.  *10% Discount is available.
  • M’s:  Different amounts of media without the badge.  Used by IH labs only.  Discount not available.

All Assay Technology badges are available online. Boxes purchased through our online store will receive a 10% web order discount*. Singles and media are not discounted.  The prices listed below are applicable only when purchasing using our online store.  If ordering via phone, fax or email:  List Pricing

Item # Description Quantity Online Price

Selected Products

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